The Quest promo at All Slots Rewards with Free Golden Prizes!

All the best All Slots Casino games can now be played by you as you make your way to win more and more free golden prizes! The way to enjoy multiple bonuses, rewards, casino benefits and great prizes has never been as easy and you can definitely join at any given moment! Once you are a part of this incredible contest, you can start to enjoy the many surprises which will be waiting just for you, to reach your goals and to make this winter in Australia hotter than ever before! It only takes opting in, playing the games, having fun on a constant basis – and the rest will come to you automatically!

Why Should I Opt In? And How Do I Do That?

Opting – in is your way to declare «I’m In!». You will be able to opt in during each of the four rounds you desire to participate in (and it is warmly suggested to opt in to all of them!). The casinos offer a few ways to do that, and you can choose the one that fits you best! The first way would be by clicking «opt in» or «to the quest» on the promotional marketing material of The Quest. the second way would be by clicking «my offers» area in the casino. The third and last method you can use is simply through the «my offers» area in your casino.

Opted In! What’s The Next Step?

Congratulations! A great adventure now lies ahead of you and you can start seizing it to the most! Now, it is essential for you to know how!
Once you are in the contest, you get a notification with your goal for the upcoming week / round. By achieving the goal, you let yourself win up to 2 prizes and enjoy the best of the promotion’s offering! The only thing you will have to do in order to make this happen would be to start playing the games offered to you! By playing the games, you actually get to accumulate multiple loyalty points. Each loyalty point will be equivalent to one promotional point and the promotional points will be the ones serving you as you make your way to reach the goal.

Goal Reached! It’s Crediting Time!

Wonderful! Now that you have achieved your goal you can start to enjoy the fruits which will be given to you within 15 minutes, in real time, from the moment of achievement. Don’t be afraid to miss the special moment, since the casino will make sure you are well informed with your luck. A message will be sent to you both via the casino’s software and your email, so you will be able to seize what’s yours as early as possible!

When do I start?

Start now! Start at any given moment! It is all up to you! the promotion is made of 4 consecutive rounds and you can opt in once you are ready for it. It is always advised to do so as early as possible since the more you play, the more you win, and you are surely interested in winning this great contest! The four rounds are split as follows:

  • First Round – the first round will start at November 1st 00: 01 AM GMT. From the very first moments, gamblers are able to opt in and to start playing. This round serves as the first opportunity gamblers have to reach their goals and win the free golden bonuses offered to them, and it shall be over at November 7th 23: 59 PM GMT. Make every second count!
  • Second Round – the second round starts shortly after the first one ends so gamers do not have to wait for long if they have played until the very last moment of the first round. While Round #1 will come to an end by November 7th 23: 59, round #2 will get started on November 8th 00: 01 AM GMT. Players will have to wait only for two minutes before getting back to the games and to the bonuses offered to them. This round will also last for a week, and will be over on November 14th 23: 59 PM GMT sharp.
  • Third Round – as half of the promotion is already over, the third round is getting started and players will be able to enjoy it right from November 15th 00: 01 AM GMT up until November 21st 23: 59 PM GMT.
  • Fourth Round – Definitely, the most exciting one of them all! The fourth round is the last opportunity gamers have to make a change and they usually seize the most out of this special period. You are welcome to do so as well, and to play as much as you can in order to win both of the prizes offered to you! This round will start at November 22nd, 00: 01 AM GMT and will be over at November 28th, 23: 59 PM GMT sharp! Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy the free golden prizes for the last time!

Where Can I Start Playing?

You can play at each and every one of the casinos which offer this promotion! Since there is a fine offering of casinos, you will definitely enjoy the options available to you. All Slots Casino will quickly open its doors to all demanding, offering both an access to those who wish to make this winter different from any other, and a wide variety of games, bonuses and wonderful surprises.

In addition to All Slots, gamblers can also enjoy an access to the promo when reaching to the following casinos: All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and The VIP Lounge Casino! It is important to mention that all the casinos mentioned above are long known for offering best games and bonus packages, so anyone yet familiar with these casinos is surely encouraged to check them out!