Terminator 2 Online Pokies

How do you determine the characteristics of a fine casino game? Is it the number of benefits it gives you? Maybe the theme, combined with great background music and animations? And maybe, you’re on the risky or bossy side, taking into account the amount of power the game gives you or the uncertainty you have while you gamble… What about some unique features you won’t find anywhere else? No matter what is it that makes a casino game into a great one for you, when it comes to Terminator 2 Online Pokies, you will surely find it. There’s a great reason why it is the best of all top ranked Australian online pokies, and you are about to understand it yourself.

Benefits and Rewards – the Old and the New Ones

So, it really doesn’t matter if you have a strong preference to find the benefits you are already familiar with from other pokies games online, or you want All Slots Casino pokies to present you with some new ones. Both cases you’ll be satisfied with terminator 2.


Your WILD symbol will let you experience the most when it comes to victories. After all, there’s no doubt that when you come and play some real money pokies you want to win, and a lot. However, in some cases as you have probably noticed already, the results can give you only an”almost a spin win”and you know you can do more. Exactly for these cases the WILD symbol has been invented.

WILD is a unique symbol that can substitute any other symbol at this game (except the Scatter) and when it appears next to two other identical symbols on the reels it simply replaces the missing one, thus, giving you the opportunity to create a three of a kind and win it all. Yes, credits will be added to your payline. Same way with greater winnings: WILD can take part in creating you four of a kind and five of a kind, and thus make an already achieved winnings into greater victories. In addition to that, WILD can benefit you on its own and create you some nice payouts, when a few adjacent WILDs will be on your reels.


So Scatter is the only symbol that cannot be replaced by the WILD, and there’s quite of a good reason why. Just like the WILD, it is a highly unique symbol of its own that can make some dramatic changes in your game. The Scatter, once having a few of its symbols adjacent to each other, can make one of your biggest dreams come true and benefit you with FREE SPINS! The Free Spins will be your ticket to getting many more credits, while you don’t need to deposit more while they are just added to your payline. In addition to that, although Scatter is considered one of the well – known symbols on a casino game, when it comes to Terminator 2 there’s an added twist to it.

Red Scatter

Yes, there’s more than one sort of Scatter on Terminator 2. The first one is called Red Scatter. The Red Scatter is a symbol that takes part on the T 800 reward. Once T 800 is in motion during the game, all that it takes is just a single Red Scatter symbol on the reels and will reward you with additional free spins!

Blue Scatter

The Blue Scatter is the well – known Scatter that requires 3, 4 or 5 of its kind to create you the Free Spins experience. In addition to its main purpose in your game, the Blue Scatter has an additional benefit with its ability to give you great payouts as well!

Free Spins on Terminator 2

The Free Spins are one of the things that make the game the best experience it can be. When the Free Spins mode is activated all you need to do is simply stretch in your chair and watch the screen as the reels spin automatically and more winnings are being made just for you. You get more and more credits and there’s nothing you are asked to o in order to make it happen. However, at Terminator 2, the whole Free Spins experience is much more unique than that.

You will probably enjoy seeing how the whole atmosphere changes once your game is in this mode: the background color will change immediately, the music and the background sounds will also alter and some mysterious titles will run across the screen with electronic sounds accompanying them. You are not going to miss the agent – full atmosphere over here. In addition to that, your chances of winning increase immediately at this benefit mode: instead of the regular 243 ways to win that you have all the time, now there are no less than 1024 different ways for you to gain some victories. A whole new world of possibilities just opens in front of your eyes.