Mega Moolah Online Casino

It is the world’s most popular progressive jackpot slot, probably because not only was it one of the first jackpot slots around, but it also holds another well-deserved moniker: «The Maker of Millionaires». Since 2009, this game has waved its magic wand of fortune over more than 20 lucky souls who are now happily grappling with the moral and emotional issues associated with instantly becoming a millionaire!

Starting off with just one slot, it has now blossomed into five games, with each game adding to the major win: the Mega Jackpot. Anytime anybody anywhere plays one of the five games, it increases the value of the overall jackpot. You will be watching the prize money tick over while the reels are spinning. Three of the games are based on the original but one game is a stand-alone game, giving you something different to do while you aim for that jackpot.

The Original Mega Moolah

The original Mega Moolah with its savannah / animal based theme was released way back in 2009 and it remains one of the world’s most popular slots online to this day. While we don’t mind the rather simplistic theme, especially compared to nowadays, we’re pretty sure people keep coming back for the huge opportunities to win, not for the pretty giraffes. If David Attenborough could have made a cameo appearance however, well, we’d be hooked!

It would have been nice having Sir Attenborough narrate to us, whilst squatting, to «watch out for the ferocious wild symbol lion» or that the scatter symbol is «the rare and curious-looking purple-headed pygmy, for, it is said that spotting three or four of these creatures can bring good luck in the form of fifteen free spins!»

Even David doesn’t know what it is. But that’s your scatter symbol and we’re gonna stick with the purple-headed pygmy!

Mega Moolah Isis

Next up, surprising the world with its lightning fast advance across the Levant, was Isis (sorry, we couldn’t resist). No, this was well before. This was in the good old days when people associated Isis with Ancient Egypt. Being the goddess of fertility and motherhood, Isis could bestow loving gifts of cash and bonuses on you rather than shitty jobs in struggling caliphates.
«That’s interesting because…» Mega Moolah Isis is a mix between the original Isis game and the original Mega Moolah. Isis herself is the wild card while the Hawk is the scatter symbol.

Mega Moolah Summertime

Imagine hot Brazilian chicks with massive fruit hats on their heads and money pouring out of their bikinis: such is the parable of Mega Moolah mixing it up with the original Summertime slot; big, bright, beautiful and kinda dumb looking. Look out for the sunny logo as your Wild and the Beach symbol for your scatter.

Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive

You might know these lyrics: «Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure, and whatever comes our way…»
Now imagine yourself singing that song as a redneck trucker, or better still, as a Thelma & Louise lookalike down some American highway and you’ve pretty much captured the spirit of this slot. Just like Thelma & Louise, you too can throw caution to the wind and drive off a cliff (metaphorically, of course).

A merger again between Mega Moolah and the original 5 Reel Drive game, it’s a nod to the American in us all: donuts, fizzy drinks, burgers and pies like mama used to make. With one exception: the cops are a good thing! If you see a police car symbol turn up, that’s your scatter. See 3 or 4 cops and, as if in an alternate universe, your life could drastically improve: you could win a massive payout even if the cops didn’t park on a payline!

While you’re still flying down that alternate universe highway, where visions of policemen are like holy angels bearing gifts, you will also get a stellar 10 free spins – multiplied five times over! If such gift-bearing-policeman-angels did exist, then yes, drive off a cliff and «explode into space» – or just play the game here!

Your Wild symbol is a Winding Road sign which some trigger-happy redneck has blown holes into, since the cops don’t seem to punish you around there. But also of interest, is the Flaming Wheel symbol. Looking suspiciously much like the Hot Wheels logo from your childhood collection, get this symbol three times on an enabled payline and a jackpot of 10, 000x could be yours for the keep!

There are four progressive jackpots:

  • Mini, starting off low on AU$10
  • Minor, starting at AU$100
  • Major, starting at AU$10, 000