How to play Dream Catcher in an online casino

Today on the Internet you can find almost any kind of entertainment, including gambling. Virtual casinos, which are becoming more and more every week, offer their guests many interesting games. Among them there is a game for everyone’s taste. It is also worth noting the bright and spectacular Wheel of Fortune, that is, Dream Catcher. Today, there is an opportunity to play Dream catcher on many Internet sites, and everywhere this game equally captivates users.

“Magic wheel” Dream catcher


As a standalone game, Dream catcher appeared in 2017. In a short time after its release by Evolution Gaming, the slot has gained an unprecedented level of popularity and won popular appreciation. The secret of such success is quite simple – all processes in the game take place in front of the players, which anyone who has reached the age of majority can become. There is nothing complicated or incomprehensible in the Dream catcher game. And people who play in virtual casinos often prefer simple and straightforward games to clever puzzles. The rules of the Dream catcher game are very clear to everyone: 1. The wheel is divided into sectors of different colors. 2. Each cell contains:

numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40;

multipliers x2 and x7. Everything is very clear. The player bets on a certain sector, when this number falls out, the multiplier works and the amount increases by multiplying by himself. The higher the number, the less often it appears on the drum. It will not be difficult for a beginner to understand these two points, therefore the slot is in demand among novice hunters for large prizes. Two multipliers are also important – when they fall out, the winnings in the next spin will be additionally increased by the multiplier value. Thus, it turns out that the maximum winning odds in Dream Catcher is 40 x 7= 280. Much more pleasant than even guessing the number in roulette. This simplicity and the availability of large wins explains in many ways the popularity that the game gained so quickly and still holds its positions.

Great chances

However, you should not treat Dream catcher as a simple children’s game. Outward simplicity should not hide the fact that in Dream Catcher you can win decent money with a high degree of probability. A huge number of players around the world appreciate this particular game, giving it preference over others. There are also special strategies in Dream catcher that are created by professional players. The goal of any strategy is to get as much profit as possible while spending the minimum amount of money. It is worth noting that players who manage to win really big money often say that they have followed a certain strategy. At the same time, they prefer not to talk about the details of the strategy itself and methods of error-free winning. This means that every gambler who wants to try his luck in the Dream catcher game is able to create his own strategy. Perhaps it is the right tactics that will bring the player a solid reward.

Game like a holiday

In addition to the visible prospects of winning, in the game Dream Catcher, many players are attracted by the excellent external design. In the real version of the game, the whole process of spinning, betting and everything else, is furnished with color and solemnity. A person, watching the rally, experiences many positive emotions, for the sake of which, the majority plays this game. Modern online sites are not going to be inferior in anything in terms of entertainment, new technologies provide such an opportunity. Today, every player, being at home, can watch the rally, which takes place thousands of kilometers away, with the full effect of presence. And nothing will prevent everyone from enjoying the full range of emotions of the spectacular and exciting game Dream catcher.