Hitman Overview

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You may already know Hitman: Agent 47 from the video game or the recently released movie of the same name starring stony-faced «Quinn» from Homeland (yeah, we didn’t know his real name either). If not, then imagine you were taken from birth, had a barcode tattooed on the back of your head, had your DNA modified to turn you into a perfect killing machine, given the non-descript name of «47» and were sent around the world killing international bad guys. That’s the kind of scene this game creates with its dark colouring, intense soundtrack and use of various dangerous looking weapons. The kind of scene that will keep you spinning the reels as you try to make your killing!

A digitally modified Agent 47 from one of the bonus screens (OK, we googled it: his name is Rupert believe it or not)!


Load up first by setting your coins and maximum paylines to fifteen: hit the big red spin button and you’re off.  (Note that to turn Auto Play on you have to hit the tiny «Expert» link on the lower grey bar.) You can view your payout at any time by clicking the View Payout button on the lower left of your screen. You can also adjust paylines by clicking the colourful boxes on both sides of the screen.

Symbols & Bonuses

The Insignia Bonus

If you land 3 Insignia symbols on the first three reels, you get to take a pick. Based on the amount you bet on that particular spin, it will be multiplied by whatever value lies behind the Insignia of your choice. This is a nice little feature than can significantly up your winnings in a short amount of time!

The Hitman Wild

The Wild is the Hitman himself brandishing a pair of hand guns.  This symbol can replace any other symbol on the reels, excluding the other special symbols such as the bonus or scatter symbols. As a nicely dark feature, landing the Hitman also expands one of the middle vertical slots to reveal a video of him exiting his shadowy home in preparation for a kill. Though, it’s also likely that he might be stepping out to grab the newspaper to revel in the death of his latest victim.

If the Hitman takes up 2 adjacent vertical reels, a video plays of him in church, where he can be seen in great remorse over his latest murder, sobbing existentially over the futility of his life and questioning his role in the grand scheme of things. That is, if he wasn’t a genetically modified bastard!

The Contract Bonus

A «contract» in the assassination world is a diplomatic way of saying «I’ll give you some money to pop somebody off». This is where the slot picks up in excitement and international assassination-ness, the heart of this Australia online casino game. This is also where you can really win big by closing the right «contract» correctly, and with a bit of luck on your side, you could win up to 270, 000 coins!

Landing the laptop symbol on the last 3 reels will open up a «briefing» screen where a CIA-sounding lady will talk you through the missions at hand. You have an option to kill a drug-peddler, a sexual deviant, a dubious sheikh, a fellow assassin or a corrupt politician who looks suspiciously like Vladimir Putin. I chose, the sexual deviant, because (Catholic upbringing excused), why not.

You can tell he’s a pervert by the way he has his finger placed in his mouth just there like that.  His lust knows no bounds! After selecting your asshole of choice, you can then choose your weapon. This may affect your multiplier in the end, so choose wisely. I didn’t. I decided that strangling would be a good way to end this deviant and ended up only getting a X3 multiplier bonus. Still nice, but it left me to wonder if I had of  read the brief a bit better, particularly the part about him being hard to reach, whether I might have got a X6 multiplier by using a gun instead. One can only guess, but my kill made the papers anyway and left me with a sizable and much needed bonus:

Most foul indeed. The newspaper couldn’t print the photo of where I left his befouled finger!

The  Scatter Symbol

18 is the number you want to look out for. Landing the 18 on a red dot symbol three times or more anywhere across the reels will get you a tantalizing 18 year old temptress free spins. Sit back and let the 18 spins do its magic and there’s a fair chance you will be significantly richer than you were 18 spins ago (or even when you were 18 years old for that matter). OK it’s not huge, but 680 bucks as an 18 year old went a long, long way!


There are three massive ways you can quickly and easily fill up your bank account: As already mentioned, snipe the right crim in the right way during the Contract Feature and you could get an extremely satisfying 270, 000 coin payout. The Insignia game: maximum payout here for choosing the right symbol is a suitably gratifying 6000 coin payout.
If you get 5 Hitman symbols on the same payline then be adequately adjusted for a replenishing 4000 coin payout.