5 Families by Red Tiger Gaming

From the very first seconds, the gambling application grabs the user’s attention with colorful retro-style design, jazz music, traditional for the Great Depression. Images of chips and cards, newspapers with photos of gangsters on the front page, expensive whiskey and ice in a square glass, diplomats symbolizing profits from fictitious contracts, portraits of each of the heads of 5 families on the reels, combined with a chance of 5 Families from Red Tiger Gaming to win large sums give the opportunity for some time to feel like a part of the mysterious criminal world.

Game window decoration

The left part is occupied by a panel with a progressive jackpot indicator that changes in real time. This gives the game a sense of competition. The image of a living room with a classic interior style has been selected as the headpiece. In the upper right corner there is a settings panel, where, by visiting the corresponding tab, you can see the paytable of 5 Families from Red Tiger Gaming. At the top left is the indicator of the player’s current balance, and at the bottom is the rates tab, auxiliary tabs. The central part is occupied by a panel with 5 reels and 3 rows, which after the rotation shows one of 10 winning combinations. The spinning of the game cylinders is accompanied by a metal crackling characteristic of a revolver. At the top is an animation with a loaded revolving drum. By filling all the holes for the cartridges, the gambler gains access to the privileged VIP Room option.

5 Families Bonus Game from Red Tiger Gaming

The revolving drum fills up with every win and empties after a loss. Thus, to obtain VIP status, you need to get 5 winning spins in a row. After accessing the special position, all subsequent winnings will be increased five times compared to the standard game mode. With the spin of the wheel of fortune, the video slot gives you the opportunity to get one of 3 jackpots:

* Daily drop-bank of 1 thousand euros, which is drawn for a certain time;

* Must Drop Jackpot – split by € 100 until reaching 1,000 in EU currency;

* Mega Drop Jackpot – growing with an initial value of € 20,000. Large banks increase the feeling of excitement, give the gambler an opportunity to hunt for big prey.

Gangster slot gameplay

When the bankroll is replenished, you must first set the desired bet level (0.1 … 500 euros). Next, you need to click on the start of the rotation of the reels (round yellow button with an arrow in the lower right corner). After stopping the game cylinders, according to the dropped combination, the prize money will be awarded. A review of 5 Families by Red Tiger Gaming would be incomplete without describing the trial version of the app. Within the framework of the latter, the developers provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the functions of the video slot, develop individual winning game algorithms. To replenish the balance in this version, just press the restart button in the browser. To play for real money, you need to click on the house icon in the upper right corner (if the slot is used on a partner site for advertising purposes) or select the appropriate mode by restarting the user platform page.

Information about the developer of the video slot

Red Tiger Gaming was launched in 2014 and is headquartered in the Isle of Man in the UK. The staff of the organization numbers more than 200 professionals, including:

* programmers;

* sound engineers;

* designers;

* mathematics;

* expert analysts in the field of gambling. The developer is certified by the UK Gaming Commission and similar Isle of Man regional regulatory body. This guarantees the transparency of the gameplay, the correctness of random algorithms for matching combinations, the safety of transactions and storage of funds, a high percentage of applications return (RTP 5 Families from Red Tiger Gaming – 95.71%).

Many thanks to BestNetEntCasino.info and FastPay-Casino.com for demo games and slot documentation before game release.